...an auspicious musical event... The most remarkable aspect of Mr. Berman's playing was its poetical refinement and intense musicality. His technical resources appear to be virtually limitless.”


“Berman shows why he’s a pianist’s pianist.”

Even though this is an age of spectacular pianists, there are yet relatively few spectacular musicians among them. Pianist Boris Berman is one of them. His performance...was one of those rare evenings that ended much too soon, despite the audience's prolonged invitation. A performer with a technical polish equal to the best and a musician of a great refinement and taste, Berman exercises the kind of selfless commitment to stylistic integrity that gives composers as diverse as Beethoven, Debussy, and Prokofiev their own aesthetic space. He is not a pianist who relies on histrionics, emotional or physical, but neither is he in the least parsimonious with expression, color, or power. Without fail, he devotes his enviable technique to expressing subtleties.”

Prokofiev and Berman - a potent combination readily apparent to anyone who has been following Berman's recordings of the complete keyboard works for Chandos... With a cool head, a warm heart, and lapidary precision, Berman defined the essential character of each score, impeccably integrating all the important musical gestures into a satisfying total picture...for a grand tour through the total Prokofiev, I can't imagine a more observant or articulate guide.”

[Boris Berman has] the unmistakable stamp of the great Russian tradition of breathless virtuosity and absolute security...he proved himself capable of generating electrical excitement.
On any terms, this was major piano playing.”